FatCat PowerBar 4200 Travel Charger
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FatCat PowerBar 4200 Travel Charger

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    When you’re on the move and urgently need to recharge your cellphone, smartphone, iPod, camera, or iPad, the FatCat PowerBar 4200 Travel Charger can be a lifesaver.
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    The PowerBar 4200 embodies the latest in ultra-thin lithium polymer technology, matched with advanced charge control circuits. It is the lightest, slimmest charger available for smart phones. Despite its slim profile, it has awesome power for emergencies, 4200 mAh - typically more than twice the battery capacity of your smart phone. The advanced electronics built into the 4200 enables it to recognize the power needs of your device.

    To charge your device, you can use its own USB power cord. If your device doesn’t have a USB charger from its manufacturer, you’ll need to find the correct adapter tip for your device from among the selection of interchangeable tips that comes bundled with the PowerBar 4200

    • Charge your 4200 at least once every 3 months, and before use
    • Use the approved cables and tips supplied
    • Allow 4-7 hours for a full charge
    • The 4200 has a voltage range of up to 5.5V, so will not charge devices which require higher voltages, such as laptops or video cameras
    • Digital cameras which have a battery that is removed and inserted in into a cradle to charge are not compatible with the 4200
    • Remove the master cord after use to avoid depleting the battery.

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