New York’s GRACIOUS HOME since 1963

Highlights from our “to-do” list:

Continue to offer the friendly, know-it-all service our customers expect, whether they live in New York City or the great beyond.

Maintain the standard of quality that has made Gracious Home the premier destination for interior designers and do-it-yourselfers.

Offer the plushest towels in our bath department, the smoothest linens in our bedding department, and the most luxurious bath-and-bed essentials.

Carry every must-have appliance and gadget for the home chef, and beautiful tableware, glassware and candles for serving a gracious meal.

Create one-of-a-kinds with customized paint colors, lampshades, stationery, draperies, and monogrammed towels.

Continue our legacy as the go-to place for all the un-sexy things that make a home work:

  • hardware (from decorative to ho-hum)
  • light bulbs
  • lighting fixtures and chandeliers
  • cleansers (for just about everything)
  • window coverings
  • wallpaper and paint

All available with the expert advice of our Gracious Home design specialists.

Continue the unparalleled personal service that created a buzz over 50 years ago and earns us praise today in publications like Martha Stewart Living and InStyle:

  • Install a lighting fixture? Check.
  • Repair a vacuum cleaner? Check.
  • Love that throw pillow but want it in teal? Check.
  • Need a paint color to match your Corgi? Check.
  • Need a reproduction antique finial to replace the one hammered by the piano movers? Check.

We could go on, but you get the idea.

Keep asking the question “What makes a gracious home?” Answer it with the finest products and services at Gracious Home and