E-cloth Dusting Cloths
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E-cloth Dusting Cloths

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  • Description

    E-cloth makes your dusting chores easier and more effective. These cloths have millions of tiny fibers with a natural positive static charge that attracts and holds dust and allergens into its soft texturing.
  • Product Details

    * Set of Two 12.5”x12.5” Dusting Cloths

    Common cotton cloths push dust and dirt around. E-cloth’s special fabrication removes unsightly, unhealthy dust and pollen throughout the home and workplace. Importantly, it does so without use of applied or embedded chemicals. Lint-free and safe even on delicate surfaces due to the soft, non abrasive fibers.

    * Versatile, Easier Cleaning – use on tables, chairs, furniture, window sills, shelves, hand railings, desks, and cabinets. Glides easily over all surfaces.
    * Healthier Cleaning – the E-cloth Dusting Cloth delivers health two ways: 1) It effectively removes dust and allergens (like pollen) that create havoc to those sensitive to them: 2) It cleans without potentially harmful cleaning products and their fumes. E-cloth cleaning is safe for everyone.
    * Money-Saving Cleaning – no cleaning chemicals or paper towels to buy. E-cloths are used over-and-over.
    * Eco-Friendly Cleaning – E-cloth reduces paper towels carbon footprint and landfill waste, and pollution that chemicals create.


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