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The Laundry Pod
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The Laundry Pod

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  • Description

    Go where laundry has never gone before. Perfect for apartments, dorms and even outdoors. Save money, time, and effort while minimizing the environmental impact. The Laundry Pod puts a whole new spin on clean.

  • Product Details

    • Features:
      • Simple & efficient to use
      • Circular Wash System
      • Easy to use draining system
      • Spinning Water Extraction
      • Flexible Drain Hose
      • Easy to clean and use
      • Save Space In Home Living - In the USA today the average person can spend a few thousand dollars on a washer and a dryer. Then the cost to run these machines can be astronomical. The Laundry Pod costs nothing to operate since it requires no electricity.
      • Save Space In Urban Living - The average urban resident can spend over 5 dollars per load of laundry. Multiply that by the amount of weeks that they do laundry during the year. The Laundry Pod can put an end to the hours of walking to the corner laundry mat.
      • Helps You Survive College Living - In the USA alone, there are over 35,000 laundromats and over 30,000 college dorms with laundry capabilities. The cost to do laundry in those locations can be as much as 5 dollars for a load of laundry. On a student’s budget that can mean missing a meal.
      • Cleans Anywhere (Outdoor Living) - The Laundry Pod is a portable and simple way to do laundry on the go. The Laundry Pod doesn’t require electricity or any kind of motor. It is perfect for the world traveler or the constant camper
    • Dimensions: 13”L x 14”W x 14”H
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