Del Cristo White Seal Traditional Balsamic of Modena 100 ml
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Del Cristo White Seal Traditional Balsamic of Modena 100 ml

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    Use a few drops of rich, delicate vinegar to finish a dish. Traditional balsamic complements fruit and cheese; its sweet-sour piquancy enhances the taste of ripe strawberries or melon, and the salinity of aged cheese.
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    The Barbieri family of Modena, for three generations, has been committed to producing the finest Del Cristo Traditional Balsamico (genuine balsamic vinegar). Made according to age-old family customs and conforming to strict D.O.P. (Protected Origins Denomination) guidelines, the Barbieri's masterfully craft, from start to finish, one-of-a-kind balsamico. Each year the family harvests the grapes from their own vineyard, cooks the must (unfermented juice of grapes) and carefully rotates the concentrated vinegar from one increasingly smaller wood barrel to the next. Also, by law, before it is bottled, a panel of expert tasters must judge each lot of vinegar. Only then is it awarded the label "Tradizionale." Artful and refined, Del Cristo Balsamicos of Modena have all the qualities revered in true balsamic vinegar: complex woody bouquet, a flavor reminiscent of fruit (tart, but pleasantly sweet), and a dense, syrupy consistency. Packaged in consortium-authorized glass bottles created by Italian designers and gift boxed.

    * Tasting notes: The Barbieri family believes that the real success of Del Cristo balsamico comes from aging the vinegar in different types of wood barrels which produce contrasting characteristics, including unique tastes and distinct aromas. Vinegars aged in juniper wood develop a strong, spicy essence whereas those aged in cherry and mulberry woods evolve delicate fruity notes.


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