Edmond Fallot Dijon Mustards
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Edmond Fallot Dijon Mustards


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    Edmond Fallot is one, of only a handful, of mustard firms still producing authentic artisanal French Dijon. Prized by chefs and home cooks around the world, Edmond Fallot mustard is one pantry essential you don't want to be without.
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    Edmond Fallot (est. 1840) operates the last, great independent Burgundy "Moutarderie" (traditional mustard mill). Edmond Fallot took over the company in 1928 and the business has expanded (and continues today) under the careful watch of the Fallot family. In addition to diligently adhering to old-world mustard making traditions -- the procurement of only the best mustard kernels and use of stone mills for grinding the seeds -- the company is also a leader in crafting innovative flavored mustards.

    * Tasting notes: Open a jar and a strong "biting" mustard fragrance slowly develops into a pleasing aroma of fresh vinegar with a hint of acidity. To conserve the scent and taste of the mustard (which once opened, deteriorates with exposure to heat and light) the jar should be stored in a refrigerator. Stone milling -- which grinds the seeds without heat -- helps preserve the distinct mustard flavor.
    * Culinary use: Dijon mustard is used cold, either on the side of the plate, in French vinaigrettes, with delicatessen meats and sandwiches, or enjoyed in preparation of every type of warmed meat: beef, pork, game, poultry or fish. It can also be added to mayonnaise and sauces and served with a variety of vegetable salads.


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