Urbanears Bagis Earbuds
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Urbanears Bagis Earbuds

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  • Description

    The Urbanears Bagis Earbuds come with all the features you'd expect and a few you didn't. The in-ear construction delivers direct sound and efficiently reduces outside noise. The combined fabric and TPE cord features rubber housing to reduce distortion caused by friction and a handy microphone and remote for picking up calls.Plus, it comes with three sets of interchangeable ear pads to fit most ears.

  • Product Details

    • 9mm handmade drivers
    • Inline micropone
    • One-button remote
    • Fabric and TPE cord
    • Small, medium, and large ear pads
    • Backs of each earpiece snap together
  • Designers

    The concept Urbanears is spawned out of a number of ideas. Some that formed the project but just as many that came along the way. Primarily, there seemed to be no manufacturer of headphones out there that shared their belief in what headphones are and how they are used. Their passion is to make headphones with a profound understanding of how they are used, worn and why. Their vision is to add a number of elements to the concept of performance. They design headphones with respect to what they are expected to be, but with great attention to the details. An Urbanears headphone is always describable as a classic headphone, rather than a bold design statement redefining the product category.They spend much time making their headphones affordable but they want each product to always come with a little extra functionality you wouldn’t expect. And deliver great audio as well as ergonomics.


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