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  • Description

    Moth balls are considered a potential carcinogen and they have a nasty odor. CedarGreen is a safe alternative to moth balls that brings the fresh outdoor scent of natural cedar wood into your home. You will never want to use nasty moth balls ever again.
  • Product Details

    Help eliminate damp, musty, moldy odors in the home. Restore natural aromatics in cedar wood products. It will repel damaging clothes moths from your stored clothing and valuables. CedarGreen can do all this with just one bottle.

    Many benefits:
    * Nothing else like it on the market.
    *Don’t be mistaken. This is NOT ordinary cedar oil.
    * Highly concentrated cedar essences remain long after the cedar scent is non-detectable.
    * All natural, non-toxic. Safe to use indoors and around children and pets
    * You will never want to use potentially carcinogen moth balls ever again.
    * Completely safe to use indoors and around children and pets.
    * Ready to use spray bottle, allows easy use for multipurpose applications.
    * Can be applied over and over again, without causing any toxic build up inside the home.
    * Non-greasy and will not stain fabrics. We always recommend spot testing on small hidden areas.
    * Unique proprietary formulation developed over the course of 10 years.
    * Very economical and can provide numerous applications..
    * Does not contaminate our environment and helps keep our planet green.
    * 100% made in the USA.

    Just a few of the many uses in your home:
    * Use to bring in the fresh outdoor scent of natural cedar wood into your home. Help eliminate damp, musty, moldy odors in the home. * Use on cedar wood products to restore aromatics e.g. cedar closets, cedar chests, cedar products in all shapes and size.
    * Use in storage containers. Apply to paper towel, let dry and layer paper towels between stored items.
    * Don’t have a cedar lined closet. Drape clean old bath towel on hanger. Apply to towel, let dry and place in closet. For walk-in closets, use multiple hangers and towels.
    * Use on quilts, wool blankets, down blankets and pillows.
    * Use on hanging drapery, wall rugs, tapestry.
    * Use on fabric upholstery, carpets and rugs, pet bedding, under and behind furniture.
    * Use on shelves and storage areas, along baseboard moldings, air ducts, garbage cans, pantries, drawers and armoires, attics and crawl space, basements and sheds, under the counter and under the sink and boats, campers and RV’s.


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